Late Night Software

Late Night Software is a software programming and consulting firm specializing in computer networking. Past projects were the development of mail gateway and driver packages for UUCP and Internet and providing services such as network consulting and installation. We also give training and lectures on subjects like networking and the Internet.

Some of our past and current clients are; KKSF, KDFC, KNBR, KFOG, KPFA, KOIT, Alexa Internet, Internet Archive, Omniva, Premiere Radio Networks, San Francisco Newspaper Agency, and the State of California Legislative Data Center.

Tim Požar Telecommunications Engineering

Tim Požar Telecommunications Engineering provides consultation and engineering for broadcast and non-broadcast radio and telecommunications. We provide services for transmission (ie. transmitter and antenna engineering and maintence) and program production (ie. satellite uplinking and on site mixing of remotes).

Some of our past and current clients are Pacifica Foundation, The Grateful Dead, Hotwired,, Dave Mathews Band, KKSF, KDFC, KPFA, KQPT, KFSR, KVPR, KALW, KFCF, KWRM, KBRD and KTAC.

You can contact us at:

Late Night Software
Tim Požar Telecommunications Engineering
423 Durant Way
Mill Valley, CA 94941

(415) 665-3790 voice